"The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good men (and women!) to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke (1729-1797) - English statesman

This project not only helps kids who receive Teddy Bears, but it teaches kids who donate Teddy Bears the value of philanthropy and caring for others. Thanks to all the grownups who have sent us Teddy Bears and who have involved children in this project, thereby setting for them a wonderful example of what it means to reach out to others in need.

And now we proudly bring you the

Operation TeddyCare Hall of Fame

We'd like to acknowledge:

Our favorite "mama bears" Mary Jo Francis and Connie Baczynski for creating hundreds of lovable handcrafted Teddy Bears that have gone to kids around the world

Mr. Stuart Moldaw who provided us with our first big miracle when we really needed one

United Airlines for giving our Teddy Bears wings

State Farm Insurance Co. for being such "Good Neigh-bears" to this project

Attorney Shauna Matlin for generously helping us become a non-profit organization.

Accountant Ron Matlin for generously helping us with financial statements.

The following organizations with whom we have worked on collection drives:

Mercy Corps, Hugs Across America, Caring for Children

The community of Half Moon Bay, CA and the entire Coastside for helping Operation TeddyCare get started, especially:

The Half Moon Bay Community United Methodist Church Women's Group for sewing hundreds of Teddy Bears for us. And TeddyCrafters for working with us in this effort. And Lois Murdock for hauling so many bags of bears around (and for being such a lovely spirit)

Carlos and Anna Garcia, owners of Half Moon Bay's UPS Store (and their employees) for carefully and professionally packing thousands of Teddy Bears for us and successfully shipping them all over the world.

Young people from churches, scout troops, religious and school organizations nationwide. Here the youth of Coastside Lutheran Church in Half Moon Bay hold the Teddy Bears they contributed to the cause.
Youth with Teddies

Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel


Coastside Children's Programs

Cypress Flower Farm

Coastside Lutheran Church

The UPS Store

Half Moon Bay Fire Department and Pt. Montara Fire District

CoastFlight/Chris Gideon

Community United Methodist Church

Wells Fargo Bank

San Mateo County Sheriff's Department/ Lt. John Quinlan

Ocean Shore Printing

A Coastal Affair

And thanks to the Half Moon Bay Review, especially Stacy Trevenon, for years of timely and accurate coverage.

This concludes our moment to brag.

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